Music Videos

I have music videos on 2 sites…

VIDEOS for some of the songs are hosted on YouTube and Rumble. 127 as of today (over half of the songs). I am regularly making videos and adding them to both places.

Rumble only has the ones that I have made (actual moving videos) whereas YouTube has the ones I made AND ones where they have the bands as a “topic” (such as “Spicy Frost – Topic”) and those are just the album art and music, so it’s not an actual moving video and are not the main part of the channel at the link above.

I know YouTube is very popular but I ask everyone to at least occasionally try other places such as Rumble as YT is getting worse daily with their controlling what is seen and talked about, so please check out other video hosting places and if you have videos, sign up and share them through there and elsewhere even if you have them on YT also.
BTW, Rumble annoyingly autoplays new videos in the player of the video you just watched, so just note, if it auto plays a vid, it ISN’T necessarily part of that channel’s content!

I’d love to work with others on projects small to large, so, since I mentioned collaborations I should add that some are going at the moment as part of the project mentioned on and I am ALWAYS open for projects/ideas/to start a song or project asap so please contact me if you’d like to work on a song together.


Spread the love of the music!