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“Mossy Forest” is the songs I hear in my heart and spirit when in the forest. This particular forest is old. It is in the old days. It was when everyone was aware of the magic surrounding them. Magic and life, Spirit. Fully surrounded, or not just surrounded but PART of it. Your Spirit is the trees, the wind, the memories, the energy. Where chills run down your spine from an overwhelming sense of being.

Walking through the woods, the ravines, standing when it’s raining and hearing and feeling everything drinking up the water after.

Coming to a rock point out on a ridge and overlooking the forest under the moonlight, seeing the moonlit mist and trees below.

Sitting in a cave entrance.

Leaning on a tree.

Staring into the dark.




In the ancient forest under the canopy and protection of age old trees amongst the undergrowth and scurrying things and the smell of Earth and Life, we hear a song in our hearts, this is mine – or at least one of them.

The music from “Mossy Forest” such as this song “Grace” is meant to pay tribute to that magic, To Spirit, to those trees, the undergrowth, the scurrying things and Earth. It is meant to remind us of our connection and take us there when we are in a different place.

Plant a tree, protect a forest, stay connected to the magic, to your Spirit and The Spirit and pass it on to the young.

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