Lonely Walks the Hero Band Bio

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The first song released by “Lonely Walks the Hero” is “Counterbalance” which has elements of various types of music. If one needs to label music (which I am not fond of doing, but if one needs to…) it contains elements of semi symphonic, kind of lighter rock/almost country and some other spices thrown in. It was brought to life through an image and feeling in me that is hopefully reflected in the music but I’d suggest you decide on your own by experiencing it yourself.

The songs by “Lonely Walks the Hero” will vary, but one common thread throughout will be sometimes disparate elements and layers or shifting from image to image or mood to mood. It’s meant to be as life is which hopefully you are willing to be as much a part of and as aware of as possible, will all be comprised of orchestral instruments, some being sparse, some full orchestra, some a few minutes, some extended pieces with several movements.

Songs from “Lonely Walks the Hero” will all come from images, feelings, thoughts, dreams, hopes, memories and everything else life has to offer. Some may be cheery, some introspective, but all will be honest attempts to convey what I feel and think. The hope is it connects with you.

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