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Good Ta Go’s song “Autumn” is the first song of that project released. All of the songs from Good ta Go will be solo electric guitar and not have any overdubs, or edits, just quick “hit record and play” songs that will be brought into creation through inspiration from feelings, moods, images, events, dreams and any other part of life without any concern or focus on “marketability” or standard song structure or what is the musical flavor of the day. Some of the music may work out to be closer to country or rock or blues or may be like something you’d normally hear played on acoustic. Generally all the songs for this project will be somewhat “clean” guitar (meaning not real distorted) and without a lot of effects. That can’t be said about some of the other music on the SoundsGoodMan Records label, but for this project it’s just guitar, amp, maybe some reverb on the amp and that’s it.

I play a number of instruments and like all types of guitar, but sometimes a relatively clean guitar without effects carries the mood better than anything else. It’s more organic or Earthy maybe. At least I feel it that way.

Some of the upcoming songs may be with slide, some with open tunings, but as for the sound I’ll keep that pretty close to the same.

Please check out all of the music available by this and various bands/projects (which will be added to regularly) and to sign up for the once a month newsletter here which is free and easy to unsubscribe from. There is also an art site called which carries the same approach and view of art as the music does and that is it should come from the heart or be channeled through the artist or however it works without some cold calculated attempt to market to specific demographics and to keep things safe and familiar, as that, in my opinion is not art and it’s not expression.

Please contact us through here or the art site with any ideas, questions, problems with the site or to talk of being a part of the music or art.

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