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“Symphonic Empathy” will all be comprised of orchestral instruments, some being sparse, some full orchestra, some a few minutes, some extended pieces with several movements.

The first piece from “Symphonic Empathy” was “Necesse Est Quae Melius” (which is Latin for “It is necessary to make things better”) was written after reading a comment a friend made in response to what something I had said. She said she would keep trying as she knew I would in working to bring this world into a place where everyone cares and understands that caring is action, not just a wish.

I sat and thought about this world, the people, problems and solutions and thought of the dreams of a safe and happy life, of freedom and lack of want and overlapped on those thoughts was visions of the things that impede those dreams and hopes from coming to fruition.

So I wrote this song.

Songs from “Symphonic Empathy” will all come from feelings, thoughts, dreams and everything else life has to offer. Some may be cheery, some introspective, but all will be honest attempts to convey what I feel and think. The hope is it connects with you.

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