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“As the “New Jersey Muzic Reviewr” magazine put it: “These guys are…well,…they uh…well, when I first walked in the club I saw a rather unkempt bunch of fellows on the bandstand and assumed the local mental hospital was having an outing and then the lights dimmed and they all moved towards their instruments. If that’s what they were. The electric guitar had what looked like moss on it, the Hammond B3 was the color of old tofu and looked like it had an old Dodge Charger set of exhaust pipes coming out of it, the drums looked like they were made in the 2nd century BC and the trumpet…well, let’s just say I wouldn’t let it get anywhere near MY lips, that’s for sure.

But anyway so as I was trying to get over the fact that these guys were the band and those were the instruments they must have started playing. Or more like they started creeping into a song. I honestly don’t know when it started but at some point I realized they had been playing and maybe hypnotized me with some trick or something, and then it all was some sort of “thing”…a life was being woven before me and it transformed the room I was in (which had smelled like I don’t know what) into a grooving thing that was like I’d stepped into a movie character’s roll. They went on like that for a while and eventually I realized they had not only stopped but packed up and gone.

I understand the name “Spicy Frost” now, spice for the attitude and frost for the cool and relaxed in the moment feel. So, while not my regular band review…there it is. Give them a try if you have a chance to listen.”

~ Fred Worlytop, New Jersey Muzic Reviewr”

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