Social media page/group

I’m not active on the old/big social media sites but I do have a page/group that is the Official SoundsGoodManRecords Social Media Page/Group on MeWe. is a social media site that does NOT have ads, they do not harvest your data or manipulate your newsfeed.
So if you haven’t been there and joined yet (it’s free) please do so.
And NOTE: just like with any other site if you join it’ll seem like nothing is going on until you join a few groups and make/invite friends.

I really like MeWe, there’s a “Musicians Of MeWe!” group that is way friendlier and supportive than anything I ever saw on any other site.
They have over 20,000,000 (twenty million) members on MeWe now and it keeps growing, so please check it out, join my page/group and enjoy!
(If you aren’t a MeWe member yet when you click the link it will prompt you to join — as in join MeWe (it’s free to join) — and get all the benefits of it along with my page/group, it’s not just joining my page/group)

I will add songs, info on projects/bands, posts about recording and any projects that I collaborate with.

Since I mentioned collabs I should add that some are going at the moment as part of the project mentioned on and I am ALWAYS open for projects/ideas/to start a song or project asap so please contact me if you’d like to work on a song together.


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