Here’s a list of playlists and searches for songs on the SoundsGoodMan Records Label, more will come as I can.

1) Tidal 2 playlists, 1 SoundsGoodMan Records label songs 1 – 100 and 2 SoundsGoodMan Records label songs 101 – ? have most but not all of the songs on the label (142 of 147 as of Feb 4, 2023)
2) Spotify “(Assorted Artists Vol 1)…” playlist with most or all of the songs on the label (146 of 147 as of Feb 4, 2023)
3) Amazon Search sorted alphabetically for many but not all of the songs (138 of 147 as of Feb 4, 2023) on the SoundsGoodMan Records label that are available there right now.
… but there may be some that for whatever reason don’t come up with label search, so if there’s one you really want, please search by band and song name there and/or elsewhere.

How To copy/subscribe to a playlist


On desktop click the heart or the 3 dots next to the big play button and choose ”Save To Your Library” which should update when I add to the playlist and will be listed in ”Your Library” as is explained at this next link…
How do I save music (and playlists) to “Your Library”?
here is more about Mobile

More on the other places as soon as I can but you can always search on your own and check the Help section of the various places.

NOTE: On Spotify, a friend mentioned and I searched out that sometimes they add songs on their own that have nothing at all to do with songs you add or playlists you add, so be aware of that.
You can read up about how to avoid that. I’m not a part of their setup at all.
One thing I did notice in reading up is DON’T click “Add Songs” and DON’T have “Shuffle” on, but as I said, I’m not the one to ask.

If you make a playlist of only SoundsGoodMan Records songs at some other place and would like to share it please contact me with it.


Also NOTE: There are a few occasions where there are similar or exact band names the same as something on here but not associated with what’s on here (such as Lava Flows on Tidal where someone else is listed on the same page as Lava Flows on this label), so just be aware of that.

If you’d like to help get this music out there putting music in playlists can help and also sharing links to this site and various pages on social media can help a lot.
Some search engines including Google (which I avoid, but that’s a different discussion) even if they’ve indexed a site, the odds of the putting it in a search result is low unless the site has back links (like a shared link on social media or a link shared on a website)  which translates into no one knows of the site so they don’t tell anyone of the site which means no one knows of the site.

See the problem?


So, sharing links can help.


This is a totally independent effort, all help is appreciated!

Thanks for supporting independent music!

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