Petitions and other ways to support music and musicians

Petitions and other ways to support musicians and artists

It’s great to say you like music and appreciate artists, but there’s more you can (and should) do.
I’ll list a few things I come across, there are obviously more that you can do.
If you know of any that I should add, please let me know and share with others.


5) Sign on to Support the Living Wage for Musicians Act!

United Musicians and Allied Workers celebrates the introduction of the Living Wage for Musicians Act – led by Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Jamaal Bowman – to Congress. By creating a new streaming royalty, the bill would help ensure that artists and musicians can build sustainable careers in the digital age.
4) ASCAP Action Center
Tell Congress to Protect the Value of Music in the Age of AI
3) #AIDayOfAction:  UMAW has teamed up with Fight for the Future to launch a new campaign calling on the US Congress to pass a law banning corporations from copyrighting art created with significant AI-enabled elements.
Take Action and Contact Your Representatives!

#AIDayOfAction 2 small banners
We demand a country where actual human actors, writers, musicians, designers, and artists of all mediums have the tools and rights they need to survive and thrive.

Starting today and leading up to a culminating day of action on October 2nd UMAW and FFtF are asking musicians, authors, actors, visual artists of all mediums, creators of all stripes, and anyone who believes people deserve to get paid for making art and culture to sign onto the campaign and share it.

2) Tell your Representative to Support Rep Tlaib’s Resolution for a New Streaming Royalty
It won’t take you long and may help at least a bit.
This letter was organized by the Union of Musicians and Allied Workers (UMAW)


1) Fair Pay at SXSW, please join me and take action at
This petition was organized by the Union of Musicians and Allied Workers (UMAW)

Support UMAW’s ‘Fair Pay at SXSW’ Events in Austin!

(From UMAW)
Last month, we launched our Fair Pay at SXSW campaign,
and already over 2300 artists have signed our letter demanding that SXSW increase payments to artists.

In response, SXSW issued a statement saying that they “appreciate the feedback from the UMAW” and will conduct a policy review after the festival. This is not enough. SXSW brings in hundreds of millions of dollars, is owned by the billionaire Penske family, and has already robbed this year’s artists of nearly $300,000 in application fees. SXSW can afford to increase our pay immediately for this year’s festival, and firmly commit to doing so in future years.

We need to keep the pressure on, so today we’re announcing two UMAW events happening next week in Austin: a concert on March 14 at Hole in the Wall, and a protest rally on March 16 outside the Austin Convention Center.

If you’re in Austin, please join us! If you can’t make it, please consider making a contribution so we can pull this off.

The concert will run from 7:00pm-1:30am at Hole in the Wall and will feature performances from Blvck Hippie, Divino Niño, Enumclaw, La Neve, The Ophelias, Pleasure Venom, Ratboys, and Sabrina Song. UMAW will be paying all artists the same $750 that we’re demanding from SXSW. This is a very “unofficial” showcase—all are welcome regardless of whether you have a wristband. The event is free and donations are strongly encouraged. It will be co-sponsored by Fight for the Future, Demand Progress, Working Families Party, and Topshelf Records.

Our protest rally will begin at 11am on Thursday, March 16 outside the Austin Convention Center, where SXSW’s operations are centered. The rally will feature speeches from musicians, UMAW members, and other allied organizations. Meet us at the corner of Trinity St. and E Cesar Chavez St.

These events have been extremely difficult to organize. Multiple venues and sponsors canceled on us because their bosses became scared of retaliation from SXSW and Penske Media. This is the showcase the music industry doesn’t want you to see. Of course, we refuse to back down and we’re still doing our events. After losing sponsors we do need your help, though. Can you make a donation to help us keep the pressure on SXSW?
See you in Austin,


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