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Moonlit Valley is on the SoundsGoodMan Records Label which only supports independent musicians and bands. Those range from experimental to rock or prog to blues to metal to psychedelic to meditation to stuff you won’t have any chance of coming up with a name for.

Moonlit Valley’s song “They Spoke of the Storm Clouds” is the first song of theirs and interestingly enough, the first release by the SoundsGoodMan Records Label. All of the songs from Moonlit Valley will have a different sound and feel as they are brought into creation through inspiration from feelings, moods, images, events, dreams and any other part of life without any concern or focus on “marketability” or standard song structure or what is the musical flavor of the day. Some of their music may work out to be closer to resembling what you may be familiar with musically, others may seem rather unfamiliar which is the same as the rest of our lives. “They Spoke of the Storm Clouds” may sound different than other songs of their but carries the same spirit of freedom and curiosity, experimentation and openness along with a willingness to look deeper and allow deeper feelings of what life offers us than what is often pushed on us from the mass media and standard society and culture.

The same goes for all of the songs and bands to be on the SoundsGoodMan Records Label with the addition that other songs or bands may be laid back or have a very driving rhythm, they may have a groove or be atmospheric, some busy, some sparse. There are no limits.

Please feel free to check out all of the music available (which will be added to regularly) and to sign up for the once a month newsletter which is free and easy to unsubscribe from. There is also an art site (NebulaMoon) which carries the same approach and view of art as the music does and that is it should come from the heart or be channeled through the artist or however it works without some cold calculated attempt to market to specific demographics and to keep things safe and familiar, as that, in my opinion is not art and it’s not expression.

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