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“Shrouded in mystery, “Lava Flows” gives birth to music that demands the listener let the movie in their mind play out with the song and experience the shifting imagery and emotions.

That’s what I (Tom Turnly of the Dayton Music Scene Guide) get from their music. Some would say Lava Flows is Prog Rock, and that would be relatively accurate for some of their music but they can’t be pigeonholed. They can’t be interviewed for that matter, even when at a live performance they seem to only half materialize in the physical space which always has them deep in the shadows. No one knows much of them. Maybe they aren’t human, who knows?

Readers of the Dayton Music Guide know me to go into lengthy overviews of a band’s music and offer in depth interviews but Lava Flows has me without proper words to paint a picture of what they do, so I suggest you purchase a song of theirs and make up your own mind. Then unmake it as their next song may be just as new to you as their first. They sure aren’t cookie cutter that’s for certain.

Does this qualify as a review of a band? It’ll have to, at least for now. In the mean time enjoy what they have to offer.

Tom Turnly
The Dayton Music Scene Guide
Issue 168
June 2015”

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