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The band “Hinder the selfish” and their first song (Dystopia City Limits) came into being thinking of the problems the greedy and selfish ones cause and the damage they do not just to others but to their spirits/souls by their actions.
With selfish people, ones that want to hoard money and have more and more and more, it is a disease, an addiction. Nothing will satiate their desires for money and power… and power is what they want eventually as they get to a point where they have so much money it doesn’t thrill them any more. They still acquire as much as possible but control is their goal… power… and that leads to some very harmful, dangerous people. Psychopaths in very expensive suits and in very powerful positions. Wars, economic collapse, all are what they ultimately desire.

So, this band is here to encourage we all are willing to see things for what they are, admit someone can look “normal” and yet be working against us all and for us to stand (Peacefully) and try to steer humanity back to caring about each other and the planet.

If we can’t do that the suffering continues and eventually (not too far down the line) our planet, our only home, will not be sustainable and we will have lost to some of the most shallow people on the planet.
Remain peaceful but do not just let them drill and frack and dump and mine and cause war and everything else that is unnecessary and wrong.

Stand for good.


“Hinder the selfish” is not controlled by some corporate interests just focused on the flavor of the day and cookie cutter profit making shallow music. The same goes for all of the songs and bands to be on the SoundsGoodMan Records Label with the addition that other songs or bands may be laid back or have very driving rhythm, they may have a groove or be atmospheric, some busy, some sparse. There are no limits.

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