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The “Draw the Line and Stand” music came about when I was thinking about the people standing up to protect Burnaby Mountain from the damage and risk of an oil pipeline that is trying to be shoved through even though the land belongs to the Indigenous peoples of that area and it is not wanted, nor is there permission being given to build the pipeline through the area. With the power humans have through machinery, weapons, knowledge, ignorance and attitude we are capable of destroying the future of all life. Trees, bugs, birds, bats, moss, fish, people, everything. You would think that even the most selfish would understand it is in their interest to protect the planet. You would think that but as it is that doesn’t appear to be the way.
The people standing together see that we can not continue down this destructive path of wiping out everything on Earth just for greed since all the following generations of people and all life depend on a viable planet and we (they) won’t have one unless we stand against the wanton and short sighted destruction that has no concern for the future, only greed, when we should now be focusing all our efforts on using less and when needed, cleaner, more sustainable ways.

Governments worldwide are serving the money interests and so the people that see the dangers and are willing to take a stand are taking a stand and they need all the help they can get. They are doing this Peacefully and the only way they will be successful is if it isn’t “they” but “Us”, so I had these things in my mind and heart and recorded this and a few other songs. I didn’t go about editing and polishing them up, this is as they were when recorded with the exception of a bit of reverb on them, but it’s all first take recordings for one reason being I wanted to convey the urgency and in the moment feel and also to remind us that life is not a dress rehearsal, it is not something we get a “do over” with. This is it folks, there may be a following life and your beliefs are just as valid as any persons, but as for this part of our existence, this is it, we are here for a reason and we are together and dependent on each other for a reason. Let’s live to the potential and rise to the occasion. Stand for your beliefs and stand for life itself. take a stand and protect what we have while supporting newer, better ways.

The most important thing I ask is that you do what you can to make this world a better place for those here now and looking into the future at least 7 generations. If you can help the people at Burnaby Mountain, they need things to help them be able to stay there. It’s winter right now, so they need clothing to keep warm, they need ways to charge cell phones and cameras to keep us apprised of what is happening. There are struggles all over the world, help some of those and if you have a buck or two on top of that send it my way as I sure don’t have any to spare, but like I said, if you want this song and if it will help nurture the spirit and willingness to take a (PEACEFUL) stand, then fine, just drop me a line.

Think of or search out ways to make this a better place please.

Thank you.
23 November 2014

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