1st songs are online

The first songs ARE ONLINE! 🙂

The players are working, please check out posts of “batches” of 4 songs a piece and/or band posts as listed and you’ll see songs building almost daily.
There are currently songs available
(and being added to)

Acoustic Here and There
Beba ‘n Harp
Draw The Line And Stand
Hinder the selfish
Ice Possible
Intermittent Clouds
Lava Flows
Lonely Walks The Hero
Moonlit Valley
Mossy Forest
Skies of Alberon
Songs from the Hilltop
Spicy Frost
Spirit Bells in the Mist
Symphonic Empathy
The Fifth Realm
Uncle Pinecone
Uncovering Within
Veil of the Firefly
Warp Drift

Songs by those bands can be listened to in full right here or streamed or purchased at the links below the players
you can do a search by band, song name or label
(“SoundsGoodMan Records”)
at your favorite streaming or download site.
NOTE: There are some sites and music with names that are close to this site and label, so please don’t confuse them.

One thing I would ask is, while you can listen to songs as much as you like through here, if you do have a favorite (or two or 50), 🙂 listening or purchasing through one of those places is helpful as I get a small (very small) amount of money from the plays or downloads even if you don’t pay anything, whereas I don’t through here.

And if you listen through any streaming service, you can add the songs here to your playlist!
And speaking of playlists
You can find some for Napster, Spotify, Tidal and a search at Amazon by clicking here for playlists which will be added to as I can.

Thanks for supporting independent music and art with no corporate and marketing money behind it steering it in any direction contrary to  this music being done with the artist able to express themselves as they should!

Your support helps that continue,
so thank you!

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