Beba ‘n Harp Band Bio and are the official homes of “Beba ‘n Harp” and “Beba `n Harp”

Just a note here, because of formatting one of the songs by Beba ‘n Harp is listed at a few streaming places as a different band because the apostrophe is different, it’s Beba `n Harp not Beba ‘n Harp and so at some places it won’t list them all together. If ya want to find all of them you may want to copy and paste both of them in searches on whatever place you listen to your music at.
I know, I know, it’s ridiculous, but we’ll just have to struggle through, right?

All the songs from “Beba ‘n Harp” will be original and (hopefully) unique with a groove, a mood, a life of it’s own.

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