Along with the music here, I have a site with art that I create. Feel free to check it out but note it isn’t kept up to date because some pieces are custom made, some for special order or installations.

If you like any of the album art for the songs please note you can get it on canvas with or without the song and band text, just contact me and it can be yours.

Picture some of those on your wall! If any of them interest you please contact me.

It’s all on canvas stretched over a wooden frame.

Just as the music here, the art covers various sizes, colors, moods and so forth. You can sign up over there for a once a month newsletter to keep up on additions, projects, sales and info and please contact me with any requests, questions or to commission a piece or an installation.

Please wander to and take a look. Check it from time to time and/or get the newsletter!


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